Winter SolsticeI’ve decided that the day I experienced for Winter Solstice on December 21st is like a picture of 2020.  The day included high hopes and dreams, canceled plans, lots of turbulence, and broken records.

My plan was to see the once in a lifetime Christmas Star.   https://www.keloland.com/news/local-news/photos-jupiter-saturn-and-the-christmas-star/.  I would take a walk in my little town along the path near the river which would be lined with hundreds of luminaries.  It would be a beautiful quiet moment to reflect on the year that was past and contemplate the year to come.  

But so much for hopes and dreams! After all, it is 2020 and I should have known better than to plan on anything!

The day before, a broken 35-year-old water service line meant digging up over 400 feet of our front, side, and backyard with a backhoe and installing new pipes.  Never mind the cost of the plumber, it will take months this summer to restore the grass.  We have a muddy mess to clean up.

My high hopes for my winter solstice walk were dashed when the monsoon-like rains started.  We had nearly 2 inches of rain that day.  The ditches were overflowing, there were puddles everywhere, our drainage systems overloaded.  With a high of 57 degrees and the freezing level rising to 6000 feet (our local mountain pass is at 4000 feet) all the snow our ski resorts had received the last two weeks, started melting.  Flood warnings were issued in the valley for our local rivers.  Landslides were predicted by our emergency managers because the soils were saturated on the hillsides.  Lovely!

Then the winds started blowing with gusts that toppled trees in our neighborhood. I reluctantly decided that I wouldn’t try to drag my tired husband to the cute little event downtown.  He had spent the entire day before working in a ditch and on a tractor helping to fix our leaking pipes.  He said, “You go ahead, have a ball!”  Ahhh no, I think I’ll pass.

Feeling a bit disappointed that evening, I grabbed a “summer beach novel” made some hot tea, and sat by the fire to escape.  The temperature dropped rapidly from the warmth of the afternoon.  Incredibly, in just an hour the weather went from warm to freezing.   On top of all of the rain, we suddenly had ice and two inches of snow!  Okay, 2020 – knock it off!  We don’t need any more broken records.

Well if that wasn’t enough, with the weight of the ice and snow on the power lines….you guessed it.  The power went out.  At this point, I gave up on all my plans for the winter solstice of 2020. I grabbed my flashlight, went upstairs, and was in bed by 8 p.m.

The next morning, the skies cleared a little but the snow remained.  I keep realizing what a crazy year this has been.  Why would it end any differently?

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