Golf LessonI had my first golf lesson today!  I love my instructor and LPGA golf pro.  She is kind and patient and she listened to my goals.  They are to learn the game, have fun, join the local women’s club, meet other women and golf with my husband when we are on vacation.

Then she asked me what type of learner I was.  I told her I was a visual learner and she adapted her instruction to something that would work for me.

She recommended a person who could fit me for new clubs and told me that I have the potential to learn and improve.

I’m really excited to begin this new journey.  We talked about how it is important to do the groundwork and build a foundation before you move on to the more challenging aspects of the game.  I really liked that idea!

I really feel like I’ve made a new friend.  We were both wearing purple – so we had that in common.  She shared about the many women’s golf clubs in our area and would be happy to introduce me when the time comes and I’m feeling more confident.

I’m a little sad that we are coming into fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest but happy we can practice undercover at the driving range.  By the time spring rolls around, I think I’ll be ready to get some rounds written on my score card.  Except I probably won’t be keeping score anytime soon!

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