Most Common Health Issues Women Face in Their 50s

by Ashley Lipman

Sometimes, getting a little older means life gets a little bit harder. We take on new responsibilities, new roles, and new ailments.

As we age, our bodies change.  At 50, you might be over the hill, but you’ve still got plenty ahead of you, and you want to feel your best on this journey through life.

Losing hair, gaining weight, and noticing a few more aches and pains are familiar aspects of aging. 

Usually, a proper diet and regular exercise can help ward off some of the negative side effects of getting older. However, sometimes our health takes a turn for the worse despite efforts to maintain clean, active lifestyles. 

Schedule regular physicals with your doctor to help keep tabs on your health.

Even in retirement, it’s important to have a health plan set up through your insurance, so you always have access to healthcare resources.

Aging doesn’t have to take the fun out of life. Knowing about common health issues, symptoms, and treatments can help you get ahead of the curve and maintain control and independence in your life.

Here are a few of the most common health issues faced by women in their 50’s. 

Breast Cancer

The C-word evokes fear and anxiety in many people, but being proactive can make all the difference and possibly save your life.

Don’t let the fear of cancer stop you from getting regular checkups and mammograms

Women over the age of 45 should receive annual mammograms and breast exams to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed or undiagnosed. 

Breast cancer is most common in women over 50. Still, screenings should become regular practice before this age so that doctors can catch any abnormalities before they have time to develop further. 

Many women overcome their breast cancer diagnosis. There are plenty of treatment options available, but the best way to prevent cancer is to lead a healthy lifestyle free of smoking.

Self-breast exams will also help with early detection. Lumps or noticeable changes should prompt a visit to your healthcare provider. 


Diabetes is over-represented in the senior community, making it a serious threat to aging women. 

While Diabetes Type 2 can be prevented with a healthy diet and exercise, Type 1 Diabetes is unpreventable. Both types are usually comorbid with other serious health issues such as obesity and heart disease.

As we age, it can be tempting to slow down our lifestyles and over-indulge. However, it’s extremely important to incorporate regular exercise into your routine and monitor your sugar intake to avoid health problems like Diabetes. 


Most Common Health Issues Women Face in Their 50s

This ailment generally impacts bone regeneration. Lost bone mass is harder to replace as we get older, and for some women, the risk becomes even higher after age 50. 

Osteoporosis causes bones to become brittle and break or crack easier. Since women already have smaller bones, the risk is greater for them. 

A diet full of calcium-rich foods, such as kale, sardines, and yogurt, can help prevent bone mass deterioration. If you’re not getting enough of these foods, consider adding a vitamin supplement to increase your daily intake and restore bone strength

Aging with Grace and Dignity

You’re only as old as you feel. Each phase in life comes with new opportunities, experiences, and emotions. Don’t let aging slow you down or take the joy out of living. 

Aging with Grace and Dignity

Photo by Esther Ann on Unsplash


Take charge of your future and take care of your body. There are plenty of golden years ahead of you, and you want to be healthy enough to enjoy them to the fullest. Knowing about these health issues in advance and the ways to prevent them will help you lead a long and happy life.



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