Looking for signs of SpringWith 2020 now behind us and 2021 starting out a bit rocky, I’ve been thinking about the arrival of Spring.  We’ve experienced heavy rains, landslides, and flooding locally.  Nationally, the continuing impacts of the pandemic, the fallout of our election last fall, and a feeling of disunity in our country has caused me to really start looking for signs of spring. A new beginning, new life, and hope for our future.  These are the things I’m focused on.

I know a few avid gardeners are just beginning to see a few signs of early sprouts.  The only thing I found as I walked around my squishy yard was my husband’s pots of daffodils.  Their little flower heads are starting to emerge. I even took a picture because I was a little excited to realize that in just two short months, it will be March 20th and the first day of spring! 

When spring arrives, the days will continue to become longer, the rains might subside, flowers will sprout, and we’ll see the sun again.  With working from home becoming the norm and not the exception, I find myself yearning for a time when it stops raining and I can go outside. I’m also excited about seeing people again in real life.  I fantasize about attending a sporting event, a concert, or traveling again.  I imagine a time in the future that I’ll be able to go to a restaurant for dinner or meet my friends for lunch.

Are you looking for signs of spring? Are you hoping for a new beginning in 2021? For me, March 28th and my retirement are just around the corner.  I’m getting really excited about my new life and my personal new beginning. 

While I’ll be sad that after 44 years at PDS I’ll be leaving without my party and I won’t be able to gather with my friends to say goodbye to each other, I’m hopeful that sometime this coming summer I might be able to see them in person.  I’m hopeful that there could be an outdoor picnic to greet each other again, share a hot dog or burger and sit in a lawn chair and talk.  I would especially like to invite the numerous people who have also chosen to retire in 2020 and 2021 to this picnic.  I feel like we have missed being connected with each other for so many months and by summer we’ll be overdue on catching up.

Every morning, I’m anticipating the days ahead when we’ll all have our opportunity to get the vaccine, the sun will shine and we’ll be able to travel, gather as extended families, and see each other.  For now, I hope you’ll join me in looking for signs of spring. My calendar says it will be here soon!

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