Working part-time is a great way for seniors to stretch their retirement savings and boost their quality of life in retirement, but many seniors feel like they have few options for well-paid, fulfilling work. While getting hired after 65 does pose its challenges, there are more options than ever for older adults who want to stay in the workforce.

The Best Companies for Senior Citizens

These companies have a reputation for being great for older workers:

  • Starbucks: As one of few companies offering benefits including life and health insurance, a 401(k), and dental and vision plans to part-time employees, Starbucks is one of the best companies for seniors who want to work part-time.
  • REI: Outdoorsy seniors will love working at REI, where they can opt into long-term-care coverage in addition to receiving low-cost health and life insurance and retirement contributions while averaging 20 or more hours per week.
  • Trader Joe’s: While Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer health coverage to part-time employees, it does have awesome perks like dental and vision coverage, retirement benefits, the ability to set your own schedule, and 10% off groceries.
  • Staples: Staples only requires part-time employees to work 15 hours a week to be eligible for benefits that include a 401(k) plan and flexible dental and vision coverage.
  • Lowe’s: Lowe’s offers low-cost health insurance with no annual deductible to part-time employees, making this employer a great pick for seniors looking to keep their healthcare costs low. You’ll also get vision and dental coverage when you get a part-time job at Lowe’s.

Freelancing: A Flexible Solution to Part-Time Employment

While freelancing won’t come with benefits, it’s a smart call for seniors who want to continue their professional career in a part-time capacity or try their hand at a new skill. Freelancing offers greater earning potential than most part-time jobs along with the ability to set your own schedule and workload. As a freelancer, seniors are also free to take time off as they wish, making it the ideal job for retirees with a lengthy travel bucket list.

Better yet, many freelance jobs are remote, allowing seniors to work from the comfort and convenience of home. Job sites like Upwork can be a great resource for seniors with skills to share. Whether you’re seeking a job in sales, accounting, customer service, or even as an Upwork virtual assistant, there are plenty of telecommuting-friendly job opportunities. And since many freelance job boards have apps too, you can apply for gigs whether you’re at home or on the go.

Entrepreneurship for Seniors

Some seniors simply don’t want to work for anyone else, even if it’s as a freelancer. If you like the idea of being your own boss, consider starting a home-based business. Home-based businesses are a good pick for seniors because they have lower start-up costs than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, so there’s no need to tap a 401(k) or IRA for startup funding. However, starting any business — even at home — requires certain legal steps before you can operate.

Good home-based businesses for seniors to start include:

  • Consulting
  • Childcare and pet care
  • Housekeeping
  • Making handmade goods and cottage foods
  • E-commerce
  • Tutoring or teaching ESL
  • Copyediting, freelance writing, or blogging

While retirement typically means living on a fixed income, there’s no rule that says seniors can’t keep working once they hit 65. In fact, more older adults are staying in the workforce today than ever before. Whether you want to boost your income and access employee benefits or simply want a way to stay busy in your retirement years, give one of these great jobs for seniors a try!

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As a senior herself, Sharon Wagner understands that an older body and mind impacts the daily lives of many seniors. She created SeniorFriendly.info to offer advice geared specifically toward seniors to help them make healthier choices and enjoy their golden years.

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