Barbara’s European Escapade: Golfing in Spain, Glamping in Ireland, and Chasing Waterfalls in Iceland

In this episode of “Rock Your Retirement,” Barbara shares her incredible experiences from a three-week trip to Europe, including visits to Ireland, Iceland, and Spain. Barbara and her husband embarked on this unforgettable adventure, which was three years in the making and filled with unique and memorable moments.

Barbara takes listeners on a journey through their travels, beginning with their arrival in Ireland, where they braved a torrential downpour and had a delightful glamping experience with relatives. From navigating the challenging narrow roads to savoring traditional pub dining and exploring historic sites, Barbara paints a vivid picture of their Irish escapades.

The episode also delves into their Iceland layover, where they indulged in the rejuvenating Blue Lagoon spa experience, explored various natural wonders, and encountered unexpected, heartwarming local events. Barbara's depiction of Iceland's breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences offers a glimpse into the country's allure and surprises.

Finally, the episode features Barbara's recounting of their time in Spain, where they immersed themselves in the vibrant culture, savored local delicacies, attended a golf event, and even found themselves unexpectedly enjoying a fashion show. Through Barbara's vivid storytelling, listeners gain insight into the rich and diverse experiences that defined their European adventure.

Barbara is Back with New Beginnings: The Story of Downsizing, Letting Go, and Building Connections

In this episode of “Rock Your Retirement,” host Kathe Kline welcomes back Barbara to continue their candid conversation about the emotional and logistical challenges of downsizing and moving in retirement.

Barbara recounts the process of selling her unique property with two units and public water on two and a half acres, which resulted in a full-price offer with no contingencies on the same day of buying a new house. She discusses the financial planning involved in paying for their new home in cash, taking advantage of low interest rates. The couple's main goals for downsizing were to be closer to their children and grandchildren, reduce expenses, and purchase a smaller home and a recreational place.

Listeners gain insights into the couple's decision-making, including their move to a less populated area to achieve their specific goals of reduced expenses and insurance premiums. Barbara shares the emotional challenges of downsizing and the fear of regret that accompanied the process. The episode explores the couple's considerations about purchasing a property in Arizona for the winter, selling their motorhome to buy a smaller one, and their anticipation of moving into a new neighborhood and joining clubs there. Barbara and Kathe discuss the importance of writing down and vocalizing goals to achieve them, empathizing with one another's experiences of decluttering and purging belongings, and the unexpected interest from potential buyers amidst the chaos of preparing their home for sale.

The conversation delves into Barbara's experiences of living in an RV to prepare for downsizing and the necessity of making difficult decisions about belongings as she and her husband moved into a new place. Listeners also share Barbara's reflections on the positive aspects of their decision to move and the importance of making choices based on how one wants to spend their remaining years. Barbara emphasizes the significance of community support in older age, connecting with other people as a way to cope with the challenges of moving to a new place, and the different ways in which individuals recharge due to introversion and extroversion. The episode also touches upon the family's journey in finding a new home closer to their son and navigating disagreements about park models and community living.

Adventures, Books, and Retirement Bliss: Catching up with Betsy on The Rock Your Retirement Show

In this episode, Betsy catches up with her friend Kathe after 8 months of retirement and shares her experience of not missing work at all. Betsy discusses how she prefers spending her time reading, exercising, spending time with her mother-in-law, and getting outdoors. Betsy and her husband recently took a fantastic 10-day trip to Italy, visiting Naples, Citano, Sorrento, Pompeii, and climbing Mount Vesuvius.

Betsy found planning the trip enjoyable and did extensive research, including watching YouTube videos to learn about things to do in each place. Betsy shares some highlights of their trip, including visiting a pizza place where former President Bill Clinton once ate and walking 26,000 steps in Naples. In Positano, they had to walk down 1,700 stairs each day from their accommodation in the town above. Betsy found Pompeii fascinating and learned about how the Romans lived in a place frozen in time after the volcanic eruption.

She mentions taking a boat tour around the beautiful Isle of Capri and accidentally asking their tour guide the wrong question in Italian. Betsy enjoyed planning and researching the trip as part of her retirement and looks forward to Thanksgiving to see her stepson home from college. She advises listeners not to be afraid of retirement and to see it as retiring to the next chapter of life.

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Pickleball, Purpose, and the Delights of Retirement Exploration

In this episode of “Rock Your Retirement,” host Kathe Kline welcomes guest Betsy H, who shares her recent adventures in retirement. Betsy excitedly talks about her upcoming trip to Italy during a less busy time of year, detailing their plans to navigate the country using buses and taxis, as well as hiring a private driver for a few days. She looks forward to visiting iconic sites like Pompeii and the Isle of Capri, with private tours and boat trips on the agenda.

The conversation takes a turn towards Betsy's newfound hobbies in retirement, including taking CPR and first aid classes, as well as pickleball classes. They discuss the importance of proper gear for pickleball, specifically shoes designed for either outdoor or indoor courts. Betsy shares her experiences at senior centers and taking brain stimulation classes, highlighting the significance of socializing and staying mentally active during retirement.

Betsy talks about her love for leisure reading and her current read, “The Life List,” which explores the concept of creating a list of things to do while young. She also shares her excitement about her recent trip to Dallas, where she bonded with her family and enjoyed swimming with a fabric mermaid tail. The conversation broadens to touch on Betsy's summer getaways to Michigan and Wisconsin, emphasizing the beautiful beaches, dunes, and wineries the regions have to offer.

The episode also includes updates from both Betsy and the host. Betsy discusses her new volunteering work at a food pantry, finding fulfillment in contributing to addressing the issue of hunger. On the other hand, Kathe Kline shares her travel experiences, including a recent trip to Greece and Ireland, along with some mishaps like lost bags and an unpleasant bout of food poisoning. Despite the challenges, both guests emphasize their overall enjoyment of their respective trips.

Overall, this episode of “Rock Your Retirement” showcases Betsy's adventures in retirement, highlighting her travel plans, hobbies, and experiences, while delving into meaningful discussions about staying active, engaged, and fulfilled during the retirement years. The hosts' anecdotes and updates add a personal touch and relatability to the conversation, making it an engaging and enjoyable listen for retirement enthusiasts.

Thriving in Retirement: Betsy’s Update on Her First 4 Months of Retirement

In this episode, Betsy returns to the Rock Your Retirement Show podcast to give an update on her life since retiring four months ago. Initially, retirement felt unfamiliar as she embarked on a trip to Morocco. However, she now feels settled into her new retired lifestyle.

Betsy shares how she manages her time, mentioning regular appointments, errands, chores, and exercise as part of her routine. She also emphasizes the importance of incorporating fun activities into her days. A typical day for Betsy involves leisurely drinking coffee, solving Wordle puzzles, and engaging in physical activities such as Pilates classes, walks, or bike rides.

To keep things interesting, Betsy aims to participate in something new each week. Recently, she attended a free photography class at the Apple store, where she learned valuable tips on capturing architecture. She discusses using grid lines, the rule of thirds composition, unusual angles, and reflections to enhance her photography skills.

Outside of her personal pursuits, Betsy spends time with her mother-in-law at an assisted living facility and dedicates effort to learning Italian through the Babbel app for an upcoming trip to Italy. She also maintains connections with former colleagues and her boss, reinforcing her contentment with retirement.

Betsy enjoys reading, gardening with homegrown vegetables, and finding solace in the comforts of her home. Although her husband still works, he has the opportunity to witness Betsy's joyful retirement experience as he works from home.

In summary, Betsy expresses her delight with her first four months of retirement. She has embraced new activities, leisure time, and a sense of fulfillment that retirement has brought into her life. Betsy doesn't anticipate ever getting bored with retirement and looks forward to what the future holds.

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